This is Unreal–Former Marine Arrested for Speaking out against the Government

A former Marine was apparently arrested by the FBI for posting patriotic updates on Facebook and for speaking out against the government; claiming that it was corrupt.  Read the full article here.

This is scary. The First Amendment guarantees us the right to speak out and express our opinions. But if a man can be arrested for saying that he thinks the government is corrupt, what else can he be arrested for?  We have all said something similar at some point in our lives.  Are we all to be arrested now?  This should scare the hell out of you.   During the early days of the Tea Party Movement Janet Napolitano and the Department of Homeland Security said that people who pay with cash are to be considered possible terrorists.  She even lumped any who are pro-military, pro-gun ownership, and conservative in there.

We are being governed the the most radical left wing president in History.  Barack Obama puts F.D.R. and Woodrow Wilson to shame.  Both F.D.R. and Wilson were socialists and their policies were taken from the progressive platform; your progressives are socialists.  If you don’t believe that Obama is a far left radical, listen to what he says; observe his actions while he’s been in office; observe the people he surrounds himself with.  Everything Obama promotes is big government, more bureaucracy, more regulations, more taxes, and a collective mindset.  Obama promotes the collective not the individual.  He believes in the rights of groups, not individual rights.  What Obama believes in and what he promotes is anti-American.

Obama has ignored the Constitution and violated people’s individual rights.  He supports anarchists, but paints patriotic American exercising their right of free speech as terrorists.  He cuddles up to Muslims who want to harm Americans and any who are not Muslim, but then bashes Christians for refusing to accept the homosexual lifestyle.  He lectures those who want to cut government spending and then runs off for another round of golf, which is paid for by the taxpayer.  He enacts legislation that failed to pass through Congress, which is unconstitutional.  He actively promotes the downfall of American while promoting the rise of China or Iran.  How did he become president in the first place?  Why would anyone want to re-elect him?